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RENKOM is a US-based software company that designs and develops cloud-based enterprise software. In 2012, the company developed and commercialized RENKOM RTS, its flagship data management suite. This software system has advanced security and customization features and can support entire company operation as a single enterprise software solution. RENKOM RTS has been implemented by major US companies for 5+ years, and the largest enterprise version has more than 5,000 users. In 2018, RENKOM launched RENKOM ZEN, an automation and artificial intelligence suite as an add-on to RENKOM RTS.

In addition to ENTERPRISE version, RENKOM has developed ORGANIZATION version for use by smaller groups and TEAM version for team collaboration and is free for students and academic use.

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Levels of Applications


Work together on projects, cooperate on files, and send To-Dos to each other


Use modules to manage your organization's HR,ERP,CRM or other needs and link them together seamlessly


Integrate with equipment, sensors, and other software suites using the API

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